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Working Process of Automatic Membrane Filter Press

Working process (cycle operating):

The picture shows the filtering procedure of a filter press, and it is operated in the cycle one by one.
Filtering procedure is the core process of filter press operation, the above picture helps you understand it.
  • Machine head presses the filter plates
    Switch on the power, press the pressurized button in the electric control cabinet.
    Attention: Before pressing the filter plates, check the number of the filter plates to make sure that the amount meets your filtering requirement, and there shall not be any foreign matter stuck between the sealing surfaces of filter plates.
  • Pressure holding
    When it reaches the specified pressure, pressurization stops automatically and holds the pressure. Pressure value is determined by the feeding pressure at the site, and no leaking is optimal, pay attention that the pressure should not be too high.
  • Feeding and filtering slurry
    Check the on/off state of each pipeline valve as comes into pressure holding. Start the feeding pump slowly after confirmation, and the slurry flows into each filter chamber through the feeding port on the thrust plate. The slurry is gradually filtered into filter cake under the specified pressure. Observe the changes of filtrate and the feeding pressure in the feeding process. Switch on the valve of return line to make adjustment if the pressure is too high.
    Caution: the feeding process should run continually, in case that the feeding port blocking brings a differential pressure, which leads to filter plate fractures.
  • Filter cake washing
    After filtration, switch on the washing valve to start the washing pump to wash the filter cake if needed. When blowing filter cake is needed, insufflate compressed air into membrane cavity through the washing hole or feeding port. The compressed air takes away parts of moisture in the filter cake.
  • Membrane squeezing
    Switch on the squeezing valve, and squeeze the filter cake by high pressure water or high pressure air to decrease water content of the filter cake. To adjust the squeezing time according to the nature of the slurry. When the squeezing process is completed, you must switch on the pressure discharge valve, and discharge all the pressure, then the next operation is allowed. Back-flushing to the filter cake can be used if needed.
    Note: Before squeezing, slurry must be full of chambers.
  • Loosen the filter plate & discharge the filter cake
    Press on the releasing button of the electric control cabinet as the filter press is in the automatic operation mode.
    It stops automatically as the pressure plate goes back in place. Plate pulling hook goes forward to pulls the plate one by one and discharge the filter cake in reciprocating movement. Remember to clear up the filter plate, keep the sealing surface of filter plate clean. At the same time, check and clear up the feeding port to prevent the feeding hole from blocking, which brings differential pressure and leads to filter plate damage.
    Caution: workers should pay constant attention to running state of the plate pulling hook when it is working. Be ready to make some preparations as the equipment may stop working temporarily in order to deal with some unexpected situations in time.
  • Filter cloth washing and tidying up
    Clean the filter cloth regularly according to nature of filter material. Fuel tank presses the filter plate tightly after filter cake discharging, and it leads the pressure plate to go back to its original place. Start the filter cloth washing machine and clean the filter plate one by one. Check the filter cloth to see if there is any breakage or crease. Make sure that the filter cloth is clean, smooth and no damage.
The picture shows filtering and washing flow chart for open delivery machine type.
Slurry goes into the feeding holes and the wash liquid is injected from the different hole.
The picture shows filtering and washing procedures of closed delivery machine type.
Filtering and washing process is shown by the flow chart above.
The picture shows filtering and washing process of recessed open delivery machine type.
Wash liquid and filtrate flowing is controlled by the valve during the filtering and washing processes.
The picture shows filtering and cross-washing procedures of recessed closed delivery machine type.
Filtering and cross-washing flow chart helps you understand the process better.

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