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Five Kinds of Filter Press Optional Assistance Systems

Automatic plate drawing system
The automatic plate drawing system is for cake-discharging after filtrating. The plate drawing manipulator can draw the plates and discharge filter cakes automatically, which not only increases efficiency of filter press, decreases labor intensity of workers, but also reduces misaligned plates caused by human factors.

Automatic cloth washing system
Automatic cloth washing system (also named cloth washer), is installed above the filter press, with function of automatic moving. It washes the filter cloth automatically to renew the cloth after filter cake discharging, making sure filtering efficiency and good effect for the following filtration. Washing pressure is normally controlled from 5 to 6 MPa, with two types of washing methods: single rod type and double rods type.

Cloth vibration device
Cloth vibration device is composed of supporting structure, connection rod and automatic moving vibration structure, etc. The air cylinder's up & down movement compresses the connecting rod above the filter plate, making the cloth shake to help discharge the filter cake.

Safety light curtain
The light curtain is an equipment protection device, installed on the two sides of filter press, It plays the role of spray material protection, operation protection, and drawing board operation, etc. It also guarantees the equipment and operator safety.

Automatic filtrate collection device
Automatic filtrate collection device is also named drip pan or bottom door. Drip pan is installed under the filter plate, composed of filtrate pan, connection rod, driving cylinder, etc. The drip pan is closed during the filtration, and open during the cake discharging. It can be manually operated or PLC controlled. The main function of the drip pan is to collect the leakage liquid during the filtration or the wash liquid during cloth cleaning, so as to guarantee the site clean and prevent filter cake from secondary dilution.

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