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Overhead Beam FP - Easier Access to Change Filter Cloth

Overhead beam filter press has a triangle shaped stress distribution instead of the conventional linear distribution. This special design offers stronger and safer frame constructions capable of holding more filter plates, and simpler plate transport mechanism. It also allows for easier access to change filter cloth and plates.

There is one overhead beam filter press on the picture, it is designed with cantilevered frame construction.
Overhead beam filter press has triangle stress distribution for holding larger quantities of filter plates and offers free access to the plate pack.

Overhead design, plate shifting device placed overhead internally, drive unit and filter unit separate from the root, to prevent the material on the transmission system from corrosion, suitable for corrosive material filtration.

  • Overhead beam structure and a steady triangle distribution of stresses lead to safe and reliable operation.
  • Humanized design, convenient washing and replacing of filter plate and cloth.
  • Two options for plate shifting: shuttle shifting and continuous shifting.
  • Completely automatic movement, integrated design, equipped with complete function.
  • Modular design. functional configuration can be changed according to customers' need.
  • Complete safety protection with paint-spraying protection plate and safety light curtains.

Overhead beam filter press has wide application in industries of mining area, food and beverage, water treatment, chemical area, and industrial area.

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