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Pressure Filter Press - Continuously Unmanned Operation

Pressure filter press (GPJ** / 3-C), is the third generation of pressure filter press. As an improved type of pressure filter press, it is characterized with the improvement and breakthrough of the sealing structure of main machine, reliability, the intelligent control and technological parameters. Pressure filter press is one kind of filter press that puts one strong specially designed disc filter into a sealed pressure vessel (pressurized compartment), and inputs the filtrate into slurry tank through the slurry pump. It offers solid-liquid separation under the action of compressed air in the pressurized compartment. The whole filtering process is carried out in sealing status under the control of computer, so as to realize the automatic operation at the site. It is simple to handle, with low noise, low energy consumption and high production rate.

There is one intelligent filter press, it is installed with one disc filter into a inclosed pressure vessel.
The third generation intelligent pressure filter has a lot of optimization improvement and breakthrough than the old type.


  • Low energy consumption, it saves much electric energy.
  • It solves the problem of too high moisture content in clean coal dewatering.
  • Low power consumption and larger processing capacity.
  • Little noise and environmental protection.
  • Intelligent and automatic operation for labor cost saving and efficient work.
  • ANSYS offers reliable assurance for mechanical strength.
  • Reliable quality for long service life.


  • Filtration capacity: 500-800 kg/m2 per hour for fine coal filtration, 260-500 kg/㎡ per hour for coal slurry.
  • Water content: Water content in the filter cake reaches 16% - 18% under the pressure of 0.3 MPa in clean coal dewatering.
  • Energy consumption: It costs only 1/3 of vacuum filter in current drain under the pressure of 0.3 MPa.
  • Filtrate concentration: 5-10 g/L in fine coal dewatering.
  • Noise level: 62.5 db near the main engine.
  • Filter disc amount: 20 pieces per disc.
  • Maximum working pressure: 0.7 MPa.
  • Normal operating pressure: 0.4-0.5 MPa.
Specification - pressure filter press
Model Filter area (m2) Filter disc (disc) Filter disc diameter (m) Pressure chamber diameter (mm) Revolving speed of filter disc (r/min)
GPJ60/3-C 60 5 3 4400 0-2.33
GPJ72/3-C 72 6 3 4400 0-2.33
GPJ96/3-C 96 8 3 4400 0-2.33
GPJ120/3-C 120 10 3 4400 0-2.33

Supplementary instruction
Actual application effect of pressure filter press varies according to different suspensions, users had better contact us for technical consultation before choosing a product, or provide us with representative filter samples for test. The test results determine the specification of corollary equipment.

The pressure filter press is mainly applied in dewatering process for 0-0.5 mm flotation-refined coal and coal slurry, black metal and nonferrous metal, also for the separation of the solid from the liquid in the industries of chemicals, light industry, environmental protection, etc.

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