Main Types of Filter Presses We Offer

Manual Filter Press

Manual filter press is filter press with small size and filter area, which is operated manually and suitable for filtering jobs with small quantities.

Mechanical Filter Press

Mechanical filter press uses mechanical compaction with electric device, which is the control part of the whole processing system.

Hydraulic Filter Press

Hydraulic filter press is suitable for solid-liquid separation with filter pressure less than or equal to 0.6 MPa, controlled by hydraulic system.

Pressure Filter Press

Pressure filter press can realize fully unmanned operation under complete closed state during filtration work, with energy saving and pro-environment.

Quick Opening Filter Press

Quick opening filter press has high automation, big production capacity, it is used for industries which require fast dehydration and low viscosity.

Automatic Membrane Filter Press

Automatic membrane filter press offers high dewatering efficiency than common filter press as membrane is added between filter cloth and filter plate.

Overhead Beam Filter Press

Over head beam filter press has more advantages than ordinary filter press for its special design, which presents triangle stress distribution.

Automatic Program-controlled Filter Press

Automatic program-controlled filter press is installed with extra intelligent devices than ordinary filter press for high filtering efficiency.

Energy Efficient Filter Press

Energy efficient filter press is an automatic machine, which has high filtration efficiency, with 3 - 6 cycles of normal material filtration per hour.

Filter Cloth

Filter cloth of filter press is constructed with woven and non-woven materials, to fit different filtration application with excellent particle retention.

Filter Press Accessories

Filter press accessories play important role in filter press working, and we offer six main accessories, which assist filter press to work normally.

Filter Press Optional Assistance System

Optional assistance system of filter press can be selected according to practical demands.

Rotary Vacuum Drum Precoat Filter

Rotary vacuum drum precoat filter uses the precoat layers as its aided filter media, which is used for slurry with low density and fine particles.

Rotary Vacuum Drum Belt Filter

Rotary vacuum drum belt filter offers solid-liquid separation through the filter cloth rotating with the drum under the effect of vacuum.

Vacuum Rotary Drum Scraper Filter

Vacuum rotary drum scraper filter discharges the filter cake by the scraper device and regenerates the filter cloth by blows back compressed air.

Plate and Frame Filter Plate

Plate and frame filter plate is an original concept for filter press, it is used only in very special cases with low pressure and temperature.

Recessed Filter Plate

Recessed filter plate, made from PP, features excellent chemical resistance and easy handling, which is suitable for high filtration pressure level.

Membrane Filter Plate

Membrane filter plate has two types, and the combination with chamber plates is the most commonly used as it saves investment and operation costs.