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Filter Press Accessories Assist Filter Press Working

We also provide you with some filter press accessories that assist your equipment to work.

There is one handle for filter press, it is white.
Filter press handles have different designs, they are installed with filter plates.
There is one white filter press cloth gripper with round shape.
Filter press cloth gripper is used to clip the filter cloth.
There are four rubber sealing rings with different sizes.
Filter press sealing ring is commonly installed with filter plate, for fear of air or material leakage.
There are two filter press nozzles with same sizes.
Filter press nozzles are used for filtrate flowing out, they have different designs made from polypropylene.
There are five anti-corrosion tubes with different sizes.
Filter press anti-corrosion tubes have materials of stainless steel and polypropylene for choice, and all of them have good acid and alkali corrosion resistance.
There is one filtering fan for pressure filter, whose surface are perforated into large quantities of holes.
Filtering fan is used in pressure filter, and several fans are installed around one circle to form a large filter disc.

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