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Rotary Drum Precoat Filter for Easy Blocked Slurry

Rotary vacuum drum precoat filter, as its name describes, is one kind of filtrate separating equipment by precoating a bed of diatomaceous earth or similar material before filtering the suspension. It is also named pre-spreading vacuum drum filter or rotary drum precoat filter. With the precoat adsorbed on the surface of the rotary drum, the filter can discharge filter cakes automatically in coordination with scraper blades. It can automatically carry out continuous operation under the condition of vacuum filtration. Rotary drum precoat filters provide a high clarity of filtrate when the filtrate is the valuable product and the cake is to be discarded. So it is widely used in industrial sectors such as food, medicine, organic chemistry, waste water treatment and grease.

There are two rotary vacuum drum precoat filters in the warehouse, and one operator is monitoring the operation condition.
Rotary vacuum drum precoat filter offers solid-liquid separation in vacuum condition with automated working.


  • Automated continuous working reduces the cost of manpower.
  • The filtrate has a very high degree of clarity.
  • It is exclusively used when solid content of suspension is very low and the solids are sticky that would plug a filter cloth.
  • Stable performance and reliable quality.
  • High working efficiency.

Working principle
Rotary vacuum drum precoat filter has two operation processes in the filtering cycle:

  • Precoat the filter medium.
  • Filter the suspension.

First, precoat the filter medium. Pour the filter medium mixture into the reservoir. Along with the rotation of the drum, there will be one layer of continuously thickening filter medium on the outside surface of the filtration chamber under the effect of vacuum suction. This operation lasts until the filter medium reaches a desired thickness. Then drain the rest of the filter medium mixture through drain connection.

Second, inject the suspension that needed to be filtered, and the filtration process begins. Liquid in the suspension becomes high clarity filtrate through two layers of filter medium under the effect of vacuum suction. During the filtration cycle, the scraper blade shaves the residue off, which makes the filter medium coating thin and update constantly and ensures the filtering to go ahead continuously.

It shows the filtering process of rotary vacuum drum precoat filter.
Filtering process flow diagram helps you understand the filtering procedure.


Specification - rotary vacuum drum precoat filter
Model Filter area (m2) Drum diameter (mm) Drum speed (r/min) Scraper feed speed (mm/min) Agitator motor power (kW) Dimension (mm) Equipment weight (kg)
GF10/1.6 10 1600 0.5-3.0 0.05-0.2 0.75 + 0.37 3210 × 2610 × 2210 2960
GF20/2.0 20 2000 0.5-3.0 0.05-0.2 1.1 + 0.37 4410 × 3010 × 3610 3800
GF30/2.4 30 2400 0.5-3.0 0.05-0.2 1.5 + 0.37 5210 × 3410 × 3010 6520
GF40/3.3 40 3300 0.5-3.0 0.05-0.2 2.2 + 0.37 5100 × 4500 × 3800 8890
GF50/3.3 50 4330 0.5-3.0 0.05-0.2 2.2 + 0.37 6100 × 4500 × 3800 10780
GF60/3.3 60 3300 0.5-3.0 0.05-0.2 2.2 + 0.37 7100 × 4500 × 3800 13988

Typical applications

  • Waste water treatment.
  • Food processing.
  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Chemical processing.

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