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Vacuum Rotary Drum Scraper Filter for Scraper Discharge

Vacuum rotary drum scraper filter provides solid-liquid separation solution for soliquid (slurry, sludge, etc.) by vacuum (negative pressure) operation with the filter cloth running-in simultaneously with rotary drum. It can discharge filter cakes by compressed air blowback and scraper device. The regeneration of filter cloth can be carried out by blowback process of compressed air.

There is one vacuum rotary drum scraper filter on the picture, installed with scraper device.
Vacuum rotary drum scraper filter discharges filter cakes by blowing back of compressed air device firstly and then by scraper device.

Vacuum rotary drum scraper filter can be applied into filtering suspension with such characteristics as moderate in solid content and the specific gravity of filtrate, even in particle size distribution. The following situations go for vacuum rotary drum scraper filter.

  • Suspension with obtained filter cake thickness larger than 5 mm in two minutes' filtration.
  • The suspension has moderate solid content and particle size which causes solid settling velocity smaller than 12 mm/s.
  • Suspension with small viscosity and no colloid that won't easily block the filter cloth, and the cloth regenerates easily.
  • Filtering temp less than vaporization temperature of suspension in considerable vacuum environment.
  • It is permitted that there is little solid in the filtrate.
  • Treating amount is large, and continuous operation is required.


  • Continuous and automatic operation for low operating cost.
  • High filtering capacity and efficiency.


Specification - vacuum rotary scraper filter
Model Filter area (m2) Drum diameter (mm) Drum length (mm) Drum speed (rpm) Stirring frequency (time/min) Dimension (mm) Weight (kg)
G05/1.8 5 1800 960 0.2 - 0.8 34 2015 × 2680 × 2275 2155
G10/2.0 10 2000 1600 0.2 - 0.8 34 2715 × 2880 × 2475 2360
G20/2.4 20 2400 2700 0.2 - 0.8 34 3850 × 3280 × 2880 3280

Rotary vacuum drum scraper filter is widely used in industries of chemistry, pharmacy and environmental protection.

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