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Trouble Clearing of Filter Press for Smooth Running

Filter press trouble clearing
No. Troubles Cause analysis Exclusion methods
1 Slurry running between filter plates
  1. Low fuel pressure.
  2. There are foreign matters on the sealing surface of filter plate.
  3. Out of flatness of filter cloth or with fold.
  4. Slurry with high temperature leads to filter plate deformation.
  5. Over-high pressure or flow in feeding pump.
  1. Clear up the sealing surface.
  2. Tidy up the filter cloth.
  3. Replace the filter plate.
  4. Adjust again.
  5. Hydraulic system trouble clearing.
2 Filtrate is not clear
  1. Filter cloth damage.
  2. Unsuitable filter cloth is used.
  3. Open pore of filter cloth is too large.
  4. Filter cloth split at the seam.
  1. Check and replace the filter cloth.
  2. Choose suitable filter cloth.
  3. Replace the filter cloth.
  4. Update the seam.
3 Creeping phenomenon
  1. Fuel lack.
  2. There is air to discharge in fuel tank.
  3. Fuel tank and piston cooperate too tightly.
  1. Refuel.
  2. Reciprocating running for several times.
  3. Use for a period of time.
4 Main girder bending
  1. Foundation of fuel tank is rough, and with low degree of freedom.
  2. Filter plates are irregularly arranged.
  3. Incomplete slag removal on the sealing surface of filter plate.
  4. Free running of pull plate machine leads to filter plate's irregular arrangement.
  1. Reinstall the device.
  2. Arrange the filter plate.
  3. Remove slags.
  4. Adjust the pulling plate machine to synchronous running.
5. Filter plate uplifts
  1. Inaccurate installed base.
  2. Incomplete slag removal on the sealing surface of filter plate.
  3. Washers with ball face in pressure plate flange shifts.
  1. To revise the foundation.
  2. Remove slags.
  3. Adjust the washers with ball face.
6. Membrane damage
  1. Over-high air pressure.
  2. Inadequate feeding slurry, and incomplete slag removal.
  3. Membrane is pierced by foreign matters.
  1. Reduce the squeezing pressure.
  2. Fill the filter chamber with slurry.
  3. Remove the foreign matters and replace the membrane.
7. Running trouble of filter cloth machine
  1. Traveling motor is not flexible.
  2. Brake fails.
  1. Check the motor wiring.
  2. Adjust or replace the brake.
8. Raise and fall trouble of filter cloth machine
  1. Lifting motor is not activated.
  2. Brake fails.
  1. Check the electrical wiring and protect position limitation.
  2. Adjust or replace the brake.
9. Filter plate positioning is not accurate.
  1. Limit induction damage of filter plate.
  2. Improper location of limit induction of filter plate.
  3. Installed location of induction patches on filter plate is not proper.
  1. Replace limit induction switch.
  2. Adjust the location of limit induction.
  3. Adjust the location of induction patches.
10. Leakage of filter cloth washing
  1. Loose fitting connection.
  2. Seals are damaged.
  1. Fasten the connection.
  2. Replace the seals.
11. Filter cloth washing machine works with leakage.
  1. Nozzle clogging.
  2. Jet distance is too short.
  1. Remove foreign materials.
  2. Adjust the distance between nozzle and filter plate.

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