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Filter Press Storage Provisions for Stable Performance

For better using our filter presses and related products, you'd better take care of the products according to the following cautions.

Storage of filter plate
Filter plate should be stored at the horizontal position indoors. Flat ground is required and filter plates should be less than 15 pieces (arrangement may vary according to different models). Rainproof and lightproof material is necessary for avoiding filter plates' deformation and weathering when the workshop does not have ceilings. Any other heavy items is not allowed to stack onto the filter plates.

Storage of filter press frame
Indoor temperature shall not less than 5 °C when the frame is not in operation or in repairing situation. Cover rainproof and lightproof material onto the frame when it is stored in the open air.

Storage of electric appliance & hydraulic component
Electrical components, electric control cabinet, electric motor and hydraulic power unit shall be placed indoors with temperature from 5 °C to 40 °C. As circuit aging and short-circuit fault affect the service life of electric appliance, and hydraulic valves' corrosion leads to quality problems, it is necessary to cover rainproof and lightproof material onto all the components to avoid water and sunlight.

Storage of filter cloth
Filter cloth should be stored indoors with dry conditions. Keep its packing intact and temperature between 5 °C to 40 °C so as to avoid filter cloth aging and fiber texture damage, which could affect filter cloth's performance and service life.

To serve you better, please store filter press products under the above terms. Unwanted economic losses may be brought to you if storage does not meet the above conditions, as bad effect on filter press products quality directly affect the use of equipment.

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