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Filter Press Safety Notes Makes for Steady Performance

Notes need to notice when operation

  • Before starting the machine, make sure that starting of machine will not damage people.
  • Do not open the electric control box and touch terminals while equipment is in power-on state, and do not open the junction box of electric motor, otherwise it may cause electric shock and wrong operation.
  • Before end of feeding slurry, do not push button to loose filter plates, or it will cause leakage of sludge, even lead to people death.
  • If electric contact pressure gauge and relief valve are damaged, replace them as soon as possible, or it will lead to ultra-high pressure status of hydraulic station and cylinder, shorten the life span of hydraulic power unit and oil pipe, and cause pipelines' rupture, even cylinder's burst.
  • Hydraulic cylinder and oil pipe in high-pressure for long-term may cause burst. After starting the filter press, do not directly stand behind the cylinder, so as to avoid injury. Push stop button if there's abnormal situation.
  • When pressing the plates or pulling boards, do not put your hand into the gaps between two plates to clear the cloths, or it may cause injury. If necessary, stop the machine and then arrange the cloths.
  • Do not separate hydraulic components while hydraulic station is in operation, or the high-pressure hydraulic oil will spill out and injure persons. Disassembly the hydraulic components only after pressure relief of hydraulic station (≤ 0.05 MPa).
  • For membrane filter press, it is not allowed to squeeze if there is no slurry in the filter chamber, or it may cause membrane damage. Exhaust the compressed air or water in the chamber in time after squeezing. It is not permitted to loosen the filter press before exhausting operation, or it may cause membrane damage and operators' injury.
  • Turn off the power to ensure safety after work or when breakdown occurs. Please shut off the main power supply to clear away power and have it repaired when breakdown occurs.
  • Wear protective equipment when operators work under special environment.
  • Fill the oil in hydraulic station according to the maintenance instruction while the machine is in operation. if the oil cylinder is not full, it will affect the normal operation of hydraulic station, and lead to damage of hydraulic pump.
  • Replace hydraulic oil periodically according to requirements of maintenance instruction, and clean hydraulic valve and pump, or it may affect normal operation of hydraulic station.
  • Feeding pressure can not be higher than normal filtering pressure, or it may damage filter plates.
  • Check the liquid level in fuel tank and sealing state of every valve, connection part of oil system.
  • People without maintenance training are prohibited to open electric cabinet wiring, or may cause error-action by wiring error.
  • Shut down main power switch of filter press while carrying repairs.
  • Before a new filtering cycle, you must clean up the filter cake which stays on filter plates, or it may cause main beam deformation, plates crack and material leakage, which are not be included in "Three guarantees".
  • Do not remove the filter plates while filtering arbitrarily, to avoid cylinder broke and material leakage caused by too long route of cylinder piston rod.
  • After installation, check that cylinder outriggers are not be fixed. If there's no free space, it will cause bending deformation of main beam, that's no be included in "Three guarantees".
  • It is allowed to open one of them at the same time, including feeding pump and its valve, washing pump and its valve, and inlet valve of compressed air.
  • Remove the residue while power-off to keep the filter press clean. Remove the debris on the slide of pulling board vehicle to ensure smooth running of pulling board.
  • Do not splash onto the travel switch with water while washing filter plates and cloths, to avoid the equipment movement failure.
  • Fasten the components at any time once they become flexible.
  • Insulating property test and action reliability experiment should be carried on the electric control system once a month. Components with inflexible movement or with bad accuracy shall be repaired or replaced in time.
  • Keep the lubricant in relative motion components clean, and supplement new lubricant in time.
  • When installing filter cloth, keep it smooth and with no fold. To ensure filtering effect of filter cloth, keep it smooth with no fold, damage and residue while in operation.
  • Clean the filter plate timely to ensure smooth filtering passage and clean sealing surface of filter plate. Removed filter plates should be stacked up to avoid deformation. Check the seal of the sealing surface frequently.
  • If you do not use filter plate and cloth for a long time, arrange them onto the frame in order after cleaning up the filter plates, and press tightly with pressure from 1 to 5 MPa. Dry the filter cloth after cleaning, and the exposed portion of the piston rod should be greased.

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