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Instructions on Running Maintenance of Filter Press

We present you with instructions of filter press maintenance, helping you protect your filter press well.

  • It is necessary to lubricate the motion parts of filter press during use. In the automatic control system, accuracy and reliability of feedback signal device (approach switch, electric-contact pressure gauge) motions must be assured. Components with poor accuracy or inflexible parts should be repaired or replaced timely once found.
  • Make an using record for the equipment and repair the failure in time.
  • Keep it clean on the surfaces of cooperating devices, and supplement right amount of lubricating oil. Keep the sealing surface bright and clean, and check the filter cloth to see if there is any breakage or crease. Replace a new one timely once damaged, and keep it smooth and in good condition.
  • The maintenance of the hydraulic system is mainly about quality of hydraulic oil, the height of liquid level in fuel tank, examination of hydraulic components and all the interface sealing.
  • Examine the bolt fastening parts, chain and adjustable parts after using filter press for a period. If found loose, it should be inspected in time and check regularly.
  • Daily maintenance of PLC: temperature from 0 ℃ to 55 ℃, relative humidity of 10 % - 90%, no corrosive gas and voltage from 170 V to 264 V (AC). Electrify the PLC frequently, and the screw fastening is in good condition, also reliably grounded. When taking down the modules of PLC, you must cut off power.
  • If unused for a long time, the filter plate and filter press frame should be cleaned. Flash off the filter cloth after cleaning, and anti-rust processing should be made on the parts that are easy to rust.
  • Lubricate the motion parts of filter cloth washing machine regularly when in use. The accuracy and reliability of the feedback signal device in automatic control system shall be examined at fixed period.

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