Filter Press - Batch Pressure Filter with Fixed Volume

What is filter press?
Filter press is a machine for solid/liquid separation by forcing the feed slurry through a permeable filter cloth. The separation process takes place in chambers formed between every two filter plates. In this case, the solid phase is inside the chambers (forming a so-called "cake"), and the liquid phase (filtrate) penetrates through the filter media and flows out through the discharge ports.

Main components of a filter press
A filter press has two main components: the framework and the filter pack. The framework holds the filter pack together while pressure is being developed inside the filtration chamber. The chamber however can only hold a specific volume of solids. And the major difference in the type of filter press is the style of plates used in the filter pack.

The filter press is mainly used as a batch pressure filter with fixed volumes. In this case, the machine is designed to process a specific quantity of solids per filtration cycle for efficiency work, if not filled to capacity with solids, the filter cake will not reach its maximum potential for cake dryness. The "batch" means that it is necessary to interrupt the cycle to discharge the collected solids (filter cakes) before starting a new cycle. Its operating cycle of the filter press includes the following steps:

  • Closing the filter press.
  • Filling in slurry.
  • Dewatering.
  • Filter opening.
  • Washing.
Two filter machines: one is manual filter press and the other is mechanical filter press.

Where can filter press be used?

Filter presses are used in a huge variety of different applications. In our everyday life, we get in contact with many products, where a filter press is involved in the production process. Ultimately the treatment of waste water sludge and drinking water is typical application of filter press. Other applications like production of food and beverages, mining industry, and development of chemicals require filters that separate solids from liquids.

  • For better realizing an effective dewatering, we provide our customers with broad experience to deliver a customized solution.
  • It is crucial to guarantee safety in food industry for food consumers and producers. Boegger filter press ensures this expectation and contributes to sophisticated design for conforming to highest hygienic standards.
  • With corrosion protection and an innovative control of process parameters such as flow rates, pressures, our filter press ensures economically optimized solution to efficiency separation in chemicals.
  • Filter presses are commonly used from bulk mining to metallurgy processing, where dewatering has been an increasingly important process. We secure optimum product quality in applications such as coal, tailings, concentrates, rare earth, kaolin, bauxite, etc.
Filter press can filter water and wastewater. Water & Waste water

Suspended solids exist in nearly every municipal or industrial waste water treatment process. Boegger filter press provides the biggest advantage of minimum energy costs and maximum dry solid content in the filter cake.

Vegetables, oil and garlic pounder are placed together. Food

By innovative process control, we provide an effective and economic food processing solution. Exemplary applications in food industry include cooking oil, beer, wine, juice, coffee, syrup, flavouring agents, yeast.

Four bottles of different color chemical fluid. Chemicals

Dewatering step is necessary in the diverse chemical and biochemical processes or for the final products. Membrane filter press is ideal for the processing of pigments, bioplastics, catalyst, petrochemicals, etc.

A pile of coal. Mining & Metallurgy

Benefits of dry tailings disposal become increasingly appreciated from both environmental and social responsibility perspectives. In metallurgical or mining process, efficient filter cake washing can be realized by filter press.

Hot Products
Manual Filter Press

Manual filter press is filter press with small size and filter area, which is operated manually and suitable for filtering jobs with small quantities.

Mechanical Filter Press

Mechanical filter press uses mechanical compaction with electric device, which is the control part of the whole processing system.

Pressure Filter Press

Pressure filter press can realize fully unmanned operation under complete closed state during filtration work, with energy saving and pro-environment.

03 Mar

Automatic Membrane Filter Press Working Process

The following seven steps of automatic membrane filter press working process guide you to operate the equipment correctly.

03 Mar

Filter Press Maintenance

Filter press maintenance is vital when applied in use, it helps us get rid of some unnecessary troubles and prolongs the equipment's service life.

03 Mar

Filter Press Storage Provisions

Filter press storage provisions could remind you of storing the equipment in proper conditions, as well as keeping the equipment normal operation.

03 Mar

Filter Press Trouble Clearing

Filter press trouble clearing gives you an instruction of finding machinery breakdown quickly, and guides you to solve the problems for better use.

Filtration Presentation
07 May

Filter Press Filtering Flow Path

Filter press filtering flow path is shown by animation on this page, and it is the core process of the filter press operation.

07 May

Membrane Squeeze Working Principle

Membrane squeeze working principle is displayed by the animation on this page, and you can see the process clearly.

07 May

Filter Cake Storage Hopper

Filter cake storage hopper is used for reserving the falling filter cakes from the plates and cloths of one filter press.

07 May

Guiding Conveyor

Guiding conveyor is an optional assistance system of one filter press, for moving filter cakes away mechanically, which saves cost of manual cleaning.